Impeach 46 & 47, Resist the Crook & the Communist

We will not go to your Extermination Camps!

There is a menu at the bottom of this page.  These are resources for you if you would rather not die as a coward and a disgrace to God and your ancestors.

We are all going to die.  Fight, and if you die fighting then your life will have been honorable.  Some may say that to kill another human is a sin.  We say that the real sin is to be a sniveling weakling unwilling to defend what is good.  God forgives sin but God is unlikely to want a sniveling weakling in His sight.

There is no email address or phone number for you to reach us.  Ask God to have the Archangel Michael give you courage.  Think!  And then do something!

'All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.'― Burke

Those who associate with evil people and accomodate them become evil. - Us

Those who are blind to evil and will not look will never see God either. - Us

Those who will not protect the innocent are guilty before God. - Us